CHALKUP21 drawing workshop at Samphire Hoe


The second CHALKUP21 drawing workshop led by Marcia Teusink on March 24th 2018 at The Samphire Hoe Education Shelter  started with an introduction by Steve walker to Samphire Hoe, its history and the wide ranging programme that they run at the Hoe.

As architect Charles Holland writes on the CHALKUP21 website, “Samphire Hoe is a remarkable place, an entirely man-made stretch of coastline constructed from the spill from the Channel Tunnel excavations. It has an underlying, poignant metaphor: a new piece of England fabricated from the construction of a physical connection to Europe. It is named after a line in Shakespeare’s King Lear and samphire, along with a number of other rare species of plant, bird and insect life, has returned to this new landscape which is run as a nature reserve.

The Education Shelter is a simple, curving structure that continues the theme by being clad in salvaged railway sleepers. It provides space for exhibitions and events and has a satisfying relationship with the sweet, circular timber kiosk opposite. Both are unpretentious, rugged objects that sit well within the quiet serenity of the place.”

The drawing sessions are aimed at trying to understand both formal and conceptual aspects of the nine buildings and public artworks of the CHALKUP21 Trail, as well as their relationship to their particular site.

Marcia Teusink develops each workshop individually for each site introducing a variety of drawing techniques to approach the questions:

When we look at architecture, what do we see? And how do we see it in relation to its surroundings?

At Samphire Hoe participants were encouraged to observe and record larger vistas as well as close-up detail, the feel of the landscape and the objects in it and how the Shelter is part of the evolving history of human interventions in the site.

The weather cooperated, the wood stove kept us warm, the location was inspirational, and the drawers were amazing! (Marcia Teusink)