More concrete poetry workshops with Dan Simpson

Schools and arts award

Pupils from Warden House primary, Sandown primary, St Richard’s RCPS and St Mary’s CEP are the latest young people to take part in the concrete poetry workshops with Dan Simpson. In November 2013 they produced some super poems and some of them might find their way into the collective textiles piece that the schools will be working on over the year. Everyone enjoyed hearing Dan perform his own poems and pupils too got a chance to perform their own work in front of the class.

Feedback from pupils:

  • The seaside in Dover and Deal is really important and interesting to live near. Thinking about how to shape the words in the poems is quite tricky sometimes but I like it because it helps me think differently about where I live.’
  • ‘I really like learning concrete poetry as it helps me to think about my writing more and get new ideas’.
  • ‘I like the history of Dover and Deal and I visit them lots – doing these poems is a really fun way to remember my trips.’
  • ‘We do lots of poetry at school but we don’t always get to choose what to write about or make shape poems. So I l liked doing the workshop today, especially learning how to use pictures in a poem as well as words.’

Photos by Kate Beaugié and Louisa Love