Nautical Threads

Nautical threads examines Dover’s long nautical history through a range of connecting cultural and educational activities involving visual artists, writers, poets. The project took place in 2014 and has provided the participating Dover District schools with an inspiring cross-curricular focus for curriculum topics and themes.

Project outcomes:

  • Artists and organisations will be better able to work with schools and understand their needs
  • Teachers will learn new skills from arts specialists and be able to use them to inspire learning in their schools
  • Children and young people will learn how to work collaboratively with people of different ages and backgrounds. They will build a “toolkit” of skills that will help them to communicate ideas and motivate others.

Outputs include:

  • Creative piece of writing to inspire response to narrative and pupils own writing and drawings written by Corbyn Matthews Crow: The story Knife has been narrated and recorded by Barry O’Brien of Dover Tales.
  • Collaborative textiles piece made in response to the story and the nautical theme, using pupil’s drawings as the basis for the composition
  • Artist-led lantern event with Dover Rowing Club for all participating schools
  • At least 10 young people completing Arts Award and sharing skills
  • More schools achieving Artsmark
  • Exhibition of textile work
  • Arts award training for teachers
  • Workshops for teachers and pupils


  • Textiles
  • Concrete poetry (shaped poetry)
  • Creative writing
  • Location drawing
  • Additional workshops to be confirmed as the project progresses

Ewan Golder made a visually rich filmic experience bringing together the many different strands of the Nautical Threads project: