Nautical Threads project film

Schools and arts award

Ewan Golder has done a brilliant job with the Nautical Threads 2014 project film, which you can watch here.

In the words of Petra Matthews Crow: “Ewan’s fabulous film has captured so many gorgeous moments that happened throughout this year long project. His layering of imagery, synonymous to the layering of history, in which our town and nautical history abounds, is a wonderful device, mirroring visually aspects of our cultural and historical past. The celebration of Dover’s nautical connections, which was the basis of this project, is reflected through the workshops Ewan recorded, and captures the pleasure and learning that took place in schools and in the coming together of the wider community to celebrate this broad, collaborative project, in the very place that inspired its concept. I feel privileged to have been a part of Nautical Threads and am thrilled with Ewan’s depiction of what transpired throughout the year.”

Additional feedback:

Looks brilliant, thank you for sharing this! Reminded me of some great memories of Dover and working in the schools. Thank you! (Dan Simpson)

This is great, thanks so much Clare, a lovely memento which my singers and families will enjoy (Maddie Cordes)

IT’S FANTASTIC Clare !!! Ewan has done soooo well in weaving all the parts together. Very proud of everyone involved!!! Woohoo!! (Petra Matthews Crow)

Well done Petra, Tania, Clare and all those who made the Project such a success. Especially the children. Loved the film. (Doreen McCormack)

How lovely to see it all come together in the film, I thought it really captured the fantastic spirit of the project! (Loren Beven)

I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of Dover Rowing Club for getting us involved on this project, it’s not often we get to get creative with a coastal rowing boat but the boat and the crew turned out great (Tony Burrows)

You’ve created and shown a great project for Dover. It was a great delight to be involved! (Paul Cheneour)