Nautical Threads exhibition in Deal Library

Schools and arts award

The culmination of Dover Arts Development’s Nautical threads project takes place in the form of a series of textile pieces by pupils at the participating schools. Each school has made hangings inspired by the theme and using the skills they have learnt over the year from the drawing, poetry, text and textile workshops.

The textile pieces were exhibited in Deal library from 7 June to 4 July 2014.

Audience feedback:

  • Brilliant eye catching display. Am stealing your ideas for my school in London!
  • Very good use of different materials.
  • FANTASTIC (Well done)
  • FANTASTIC. Wonderful, eye catching works!!
  • Imagination is a wonderful thing and the use of all the different materials
  • Really well done by artistic children.
  • Excellent very creative, especially enjoyed 3D boats
  • Great imagination by all children taking part.
  • Wonderful work. Well done.
  • Really Super – So much hard work and lots of talent.
  • Wonderful display from our local youngsters – inspirational
  • Excellent work from all the schools. I am slightly bias to my daughters work though!!
  • Beautiful display, children have worked so hard!
  • Good use of colour & texture, love the sparkle
  • Very talented children – well done
  • Fab work! My toddlers love it
  • What a joy – well done everyone, it’s terrific.
  • A creative and colourful display, excellent.
  • Bright, breezy, imaginative
  • Fantastc
  • Really beautiful & lovely
  • Brilliant