Nautical Threads: Concrete poetry workshop

Schools and arts award

Inspired by Corbyn Matthews Crow’s boat shaped poem, written specially for the Nautical Threads project, pupils at Green Park Primary School had a go at writing concrete poetry with Dan Simpson on 9 October 2013.

  • “Simon (class teacher) was delighted and said … that Dan really inspired the children and they produced some lovely writing. They did some wonderful shape poems of castles and acrostics of Dover. (Chris Bryant)
  • “Some great poetry written and created by the students!” (Dan Simpson)
  • Dan Simpson really inspired the children to write. He got them excited about writing! (class teacher, Simon)

Children’s comments:

  • It was really fun! (Harry)
  • I liked the shape poems because they looked really funny. (Reece)
  • The pomes were funny. I liked the silly ones! (Summer)

A selection of the lovely work resulting from the workshops is on show in Dover Library.


Photos by Kate Beaugié