Louisa Love leads first ChalkUp21 walk


On 22nd July, as part of the Up on the Downs Big Summer Festival, artist Louisa Love led the first of two exploratory walks of the Chalk Up 21 architectural coastal trail. Here is her account of the day:



“I would like to know who the four surrealists are, mentioned in Guy Debord’s meditation on the dérive, who fail in their task of aimless wandering becauseWandering in open country is naturally depressing, and the interventions of chance are poorer there than anywhere else.”  The dérive is most commonly an urban practice, a perambulation engaging with political space, in the sense that all cities are the creation of humans who live in agglomerations of neighbourhoods and other invisibly bounded areas, affording occasion for interaction or recognition. 

Louisa Love’s ChalkUp21 Walk#1 functioned as a hybrid dérive, or maybe a successful surrealist walk.  Louisa’s plan was to concentrate on the architectural elements of the clifftop path, introducing them as we went along, considering their sensory impact.  This created an architecture for the walk, though the site was, for the most part, open country. I found it personally stimulating to think through another’s structure, drawing me out of my own habitual psychogeography, making me consider what I might not have considered – or dared to do: I wouldn’t have walked up the Samphire Hoe tunnel, for instance.  It was nice to find sympathetic moments, such as enjoying the pretty coloured spectacle of hundreds of lorries queueing bumper to bumper along the A20, or the texture of the wall near the Grand Shaft roundabout.  Chanciest of all, was seeing the seal emerge out of the waves below Shakespeare Cliff,  too briefly to organise a photo, but we both witnessed it” – Anna-Marya Tompa

Click the gallery below to view a full archive of images from the day, taken/produced by Louisa Love and Anna-Marya Tompa.