A brilliant night


We have had so much wonderful feedback from visitors and participants to the INSPIRATION = DOVER concert and exhibition on 20 May 2016 which we are delighted to share with you here.

  • Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the event in Dover this last Friday‎ celebrating DAD’s 10th birthday! It was, indeed, inspiring to talk to the artists and to hear the enthusiastic reports from the representatives of the participating museums and organisations. Particularly a comment from the representative of the White Mill ‎Heritage Center regarding the enormous increase in numbers attending the annual open days due to cooperation with the assigned artist demonstrated the appreciation within the cooperating organisations of the contributions made by the artist. And it was truly inspirational hearing from a young artist from Dover, ‎involved with the Aylesham Heritage Center, how, in the experience of the cooperation with the coal-mining enthusiasts, and, in particular, the support and personal encouragement from DAD, had given her confidence and the opportunity to extend her artistic practice – even for a mere spectator as I was. I sincerely hope that the people of Dover will not drop the baton that you have set in motion with DAD, and that the benefit and appreciation of the arts for the community will be passed to many more organisations and people in Dover going forward!
  • Thank you for inviting me to the INSPIRATION event last friday, I browsed the exhibition and the films and much enjoyed the rehearsal although I could not stay for the concert. … Anyway I really liked coming over, it reminded me how good you two are and what a presence you are in Dover and the area. Inspirational. Feels like people do love you and your work really means to them and is embedded with the community. A brilliant night
  • Thank you so much DAD! Lots of love was fabulous and I loved the bunting in the Town Hall
  • Thanks for a great night #inspirationdover – stunning #art & amazing young musicians
  • Incredibly lovely evening at The Maison Dieu yesterday. Thank you. X
  • Thank you for a wonderful evening of art, film and music #inspiration=Dover Fantastic.
  • Goosebumps listening to ‘Longbow’ perform this evening at INSPIRATION = DOVER
  • We’ve got to turn this cold spot, into a hotspot. Well done @DoverArts, Inspiration = Dover
  • Great to be at Inspiration=Dover courtesy of @DoverArts @chalkupdover
  • the concert was brilliant – fantastic to hear the contemporary music written for Dover : )
  • Thank you Joanna Jones, Clare Smith, Peter Sheppard Skaerved and Longbow and of course to the composers Nigel Clarke and David Gorton
  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful concert last Friday, really enjoyed it. I got in just as Clare was about to start her poem pre the “train starting off” first piece. As I was at the back row, I was very curious to observe some of the audience reactions, many with elated, inspired, uplifted and even ecstatic facial expressions!
  • What a lovely evening! .
  • This was brilliant – great exhibition and fantastic concert, thank you Joanna Jones and Clare Smith. Congratulations on a really remarkable ten years of Dover Arts Development. Wonderful celebration. Thank you
  • An epic journey indeed, So pleased that the recording of the WW1 Blackberries project will be kept as a legacy of the project ongoing in Deal Town Hall and Dover Museum.
  • A fantastic night, great project well run, an excellent show – wonderful work and ideas and Peter, the ensemble, the writers and composers created an overwhelmingly beautiful concert to end with. Wonderful and memorable.
  • Really impressed with Inspiration Dover – the artists’ work on display and the musical performances
  • What a privilege to work with this group of amazing people. A big thank you to Peter Sheppard Skaerved and Longbow for a wonderful premiere of my Lachrymae Variations in Dover last night. Thanks also to Dover Arts Development for an extraordinary evening of art and music, with works by Tallis, Ireland, and two brilliant pieces with poetry by Malene Sheppard Skaerved and music by Nigel Clarke.
  • Dear All This is a completely inadequate thank you to all of you; it has a privilege and a joy to work as part of this familial collective of artists and an honour to be a small part of yesterday’s event. There is no way, of course to acknowledge the debt that I owe to Clare and Joanna. So all I can say is thankyou; you make my life, and so many others, better through your work and inspiration.
  • Can I thank you, on behalf of the musicians, and personally, for everything that you accomplished yesterday. I can’t imagine a more more successful, pertinent, and shared arts event than yesterday’s. Thankyou for looking after us and offering the space for such freedom of expression and ideas. There was a lot of talk, on the way home, about the wonder, that two artists of your vision, should have the modesty and generosity to provide an environment and a platform for others. There is such love and respect for your own work as artists, and a sense of wonder and gratitude that you should offer this to others. It is something very rare; and the evidence of its power lies in the range of emotion and resolution which yesterday’s event revealed. 
  • All I can add is: INSPIRATION=DAD. Thank you Clare and Joanna!!! And Peter, a big Thank You to you, the composers and the Longbow Ensemble for yesterday’s beautiful and moving performance – and for the ‘warning’.
  • Many, many congratulations on such a rich and enjoyable celebration of your ten years developing DAD. It has been a brilliant and important decade of connections, conversations and inclusivity, a bringing together of many disciplines, organisations and individuals.What dedication, energy and persistence it must have taken…be very proud of your wonderful achievement. It was an honour and a pleasure to be with you both last night.
  • A belated but nonetheless heartfelt thanks for a wonderful evening – Rob and I were both overwhelmed by the riches of what we have here in this corner of Kent. To hear the music live was just amazing and I will enjoy the CD even more with the memory.
  • A fabulous event and experience. Wonderful to see and hear everyone’s thoughtful and impressive responses to their sites,
  • Well done and thank you Clare and Joanna for all of your work throughout the project as well as for bringing together such a special evening on Friday.Thank you and congratulations fellow DMAG artists too, it’s been such a valuable project in many ways and was a pleasure to share and be part of the experience with you all.
  • Lovely evening. EXCITING music

Photos by Louisa Love