INSPIRATION=DOVER was the final event of Chalk Up Dover Arts Developments Culture Kent one-year Dover pilot bringing culture and tourism together in Dover District.  The concert and exhibition showcased works from 14 artists who have been inspired by Dover’s history through the two year Dover Museums and Arts Group project Joined Up.  

Dover is creating heritage as well as conserving heritage.

Contemporary artists bring Dover’s heritage alive at the historic Maison Dieu (Dover Town Hall)


MAY 20th 2016

An evening of art and music

The Maison Dieu, (The Dover Town Hall), High Street, Dover, CT16 1DL

Doors open at 5pm

Official Opening 6pm

Concert  8pm – 10pm

Concert interval 8.45pm – 9.15pm
Cafe-bar 5pm – 10.30pm


An exhibition of new works accompanies the concert and can be viewed between 5pm and 8pm and in the concert interval. The works are by the artists who participated in the DMAG Joined Up project and are inspired by the WW1 collections of Dover District Museums and heritage sites. The Museums will be showing objects from their existing WW1 collections that have inspired the artists alongside the artists new works.

• Aerial photographs of Dover Town by the renowned German photographer Matthias Koch taken with a specially designed Drone plane, contextualizing the map of Dover town on which are marked the sites of the bombs dropped from German planes in WW1.

 Two of the sculptures from A Friendly Army of six sited sculptures marking the thresholds, crossings and connections between the remaining East Kent Railway line and its surrounding landscape by Gabor Stark together with a collection of WW1 artefacts from East Kent Railway.

• A multi-narrative film by Louisa Love, Heaps and Lines and Hearts and Mines, that weaves together the stories of two local men who worked in the East Kent collieries together with work produced collaboratively with The Aylesham Heritage Centre. There will also be a photograph of local minor Richard Tubman, one of the youngest people to fight in WW1.

Colin PriesBlackberry Tonic, a new work for Deal Town Hall assembling found narratives about the town and the National Blackberry Collection through moving image,artefacts and wallpaper.  The inspirational object is a WW1 aerial postcard of Deal.

Áine Belton’s The Journey to War for Dover Transport Museum, a children’s reading and activity book based on the Museum’s three WW1 exhibits: The scale model of the Bleriot XI-2 monoplane, the Pierce-Arrow Lorry and the Sunbeam Military Bicycle that will be at the exhibition.

• Book by Cathy Rogers charting the Development of Bakers, Makers and Brewers Fair at White Mill Rural Heritage Centre and documenting the photographs used in her final installation. Film of the Bakers, Makers and Brewers Fair and a range of related artefacts from the museum such as beer bottles, original flour bags, butter making pats, rug making device and a rag rug. Also a portrait of Gertrude Stanley.

• A collaborative film work b John Dargan  focusing on the brilliant but little known Major General Ivor Maxse, commander of the 18th Division from 1914 to 1917 and a moving portrait by Simon Martin exploring the legacy of Billie Neville and Walter Tull for The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and Queen’s Regiment Museum whose Billie Neville WW1 football will be on show.

• An animation by John Dargan on the Western Heights, a locus of military activity in WW1 inspired by Phil Eydens recent publication on the role of the Western Heights in WW1 will be shown together with the book for the Western Heights Preservation Society.

• Drawings and textile pieces compiled by Rosie James and Marcia Teusink created in drawing and stitching workshops based on WW1 artefacts in the Dover Museums & Arts Group partner collections.

• Drawings and paintings by Peter Sheppard Skaerved from his Channel Firing project with Dover Museum together with the Museum’s WW1 Nurses Uniform.

• A large-scale drawing by Nicole Mollett entitled They Also Shall Return created for the St. Margaret’s History Society. The work is a visual social anthropological map of the community who lived in the strategically important village during the War. The Museum will be showing a death penny.

•  Tania McCormack and Rob McDonald are generating an illustrated book highlighting the destruction and futility of the Western front against the story of the quiet town of Sandwich for Sandwich Guildhall Museum. The Museum will be showing medals and images relating to Sandwich and the secret WW1 port at Richborough.



Director/Violin-Peter Sheppard Skaerved

Violins: Mihailo Trandafilovski, Salome Rateau, Preetha Narayanan, Midori Komachi, Alice Barron, Julia Pusker, Patrick Dawkins,

Violas: Diana Mathews, Clifton Harrison, Dan Shilliday

Cellos: Evie Heyde, Valerie Welbanks

Double-Bass: Rachel Meerloo

Reader: Clair Hawkins

Longbow is a collective of some of today’s most virtuosic and inventive string players, specialising in multi-player ensemble works. They have made critically acclaimed recordings for the Naxos, Toccata, and Metier labels, and are closely associated with the pioneering work of Dover Arts Development.


Thomas Tallis-Out of the Deep (arr. Peter Sheppard Skæaerved) ca 1530

Nigel Clarke/Malene Skaerved-Pulp & Rags (2015) (World Premiere)

David Gorton-Lachrymae Variations (on a Theme by John Dowland) 2015 (World Premiere)


John Ireland-Threnody 1939

Nigel Clarke/Malene Skaerved-Dogger, Fisher, German Bight, Humber, Thames, Dover, Wight 2013

 The programme reflects on themes which the extraordinary WW1 Joined-Up has raised. From a personal point of view, my repeated walks along hundreds of miles of ancient roads to Dover, inspired ‘Channel Firing’, which considered the relationship between past and present, and how the anniversary of the First World War has led me to a better understanding of historical, mythical, and natural narratives. This is the perfect opportunity to hear Nigel and Malene’s reflections on the history and culture of Dover, works focusing on precise narratives, such as the history of Buckland Mill (Pulp & Rags), and the layering of history in war and peace (Dogger, Fisher, German Bight, Humber, Thames, Dover, Wight ). John Ireland wrote his Threnody in Deal in 1939; music of mourning for the generation lost in wars past and imminent. My project for Dover Museum repeatedly drew me to the narratives of the 16th and 17th Centuries, so it is apt to play Thomas Tallis’s Out of the Deep; he was organist at Dover Priory in 1530, when the work was written. David Gorton has been a close collaborator of mine for years. His musical reflections on landscape, in war and peace, have had a powerful impact on my own ‘Channel Firing’ project. His extraordinary Lachrymae Variations takes the form of a dialogue between our time and the generations that followed John Dowland’s ‘passionate pavan’, published in 1604.   Peter Sheppard Skaerved

Tickets cost £10 (concessions £8) and could be obtained through Eventbrite 

Tickets were also available at the Dover Visitor Information Centre, Dover Museum, Market Square,CT16 1PH
There was also  a chance to buy tickets at the door on May 20th.

Parking There is plenty of parking adjacent and nearby. All free from 5pm . The nearest car parks are: Ladywell Car Park CT16 1DG Maison Dieu Car Park CT16 1RL and Priory Road Car Park CT17 9RQ

Travel  with the landslip on the rail line between Dover and Folkestone just before Christmas the high speed service from Dover to St Pancras is disrupted and there is a replacement bus service between Dover and Folkestone. We will be laying on a bus at 10.20pm to take anyone who lets us know from the Maison Dieu to Folkestone West on May 20th in time to catch the last London train. The last train for London is currently 23:02 from Folkestone West to St Pancras.

For more information on the Culture Kent Dover pilot Chalk Up

For more information on The Dover Museums and Arts group (DMAG) project Joined Up


Included in the concert are the two musical portraits of the town of Dover by composer Nigel Clarke and poet Malene Skaerved available on  Toccata Classics, Music for Thirteen Solo Strings, includes these two portraits.

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A brilliant night

Congratulations on a really remarkable ten years of Dover Arts Development. Wonderful celebration. Thank you.

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Inspiration=Dover the event

Like Cinderella when the clock strikes the musicians, the museum objects, the art works and all of us will be gone. But we share this experience and hold it together [...]