IWD Drawing Together 2021




“This year’s  IWD gathering is a tribute and thank you to Clare who has always made sure that drawing stays central to DAD”  (Joanna)

Drawing together to mark International Women’s Day on Monday March 8th at 7.30pm.

As we settled, said hello, introduced ourselves, and discussed what this year’s theme ‘choose to challenge’ says to us, participants were already drawing the gathering of 16 women marking International Women’s Day together. We were quite small on the zoom screen but radiating our big spirits. For many Choose to Challenge was very personal and about challenging oneself, dealing with a challenging world – one that does not seem to have changed despite all the protests and efforts to create a better world – and the daily challenges that present themselves. People questioned the slogan itself – especially the use of the word ‘choose’. Some personal challenges included drawing with one’s non-dominant hand, challenging someone who is being unkind, trying to maintain motivation, keeping going with one’s practice, making a creative space. Other challenges were about changing narratives: telling people about female artists – contemporary and historical –  valuing care and/or as labour, respecting ourselves: “things don’t change unless we respect ourselves as women

  • It was very good to see and talk to you all and watch you drawing. What a lovely way to spend the Women’s Day Evening.
  • Really enjoyed the evening
  • Thank you for that really lovely female gathering. I was astounded to be amongst some of my most favourite artists in the world. I found it very easy to draw whilst listening to fascinating personal insights from you all.
  • What a fantastic way to spend this international women’s day: thank you!!
  • I really enjoyed the nice, relaxed get-together including the valuable insights and all of this while drawing is a brilliant recipe! 
  • Thanks for organising it, lovely to see everyone!
  • Thank you!! Lovely to see you all. Hopefully in real life again soon!
  •  Thank you – a lovely evening, and nice to meet you all – thank you for letting me draw you!
  • that was really interesting last night.  
    I commend all of you for working so hard on your Projects it sounds great.   
    I did mean to join you in the drawing class but as I said last night I have been having a weird but empty existence and cannot seem to work.  So…. that was good to touch base with other great people women and artists. Thank you so much for inviting me.. I will send in pics of what I did very soon ..meant to do that today but I became very busy…So tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, all days are the same..
  • thanks for hosting a lovely evening last night! 
  • I really enjoyed how the discussion rolled along and we thought about different ways we might interpret a ‘challenge’. I didn’t leave slightly early just because I was getting hungry! My drawings had reached the point where I could easily overwork it…
  • Thanks again for the company and opportunity to be part of a great session. I attach my drawing of ‘The Sixteen’ with apologies for these caricatures!
  • Lovely to see all those I may not have met before. Really enjoyed the evening and looking forward to seeing all your work.
  • it was a lovely evening that I very much enjoyed! Great to see familiar and new faces.
  • Thankyou so much.  Enjoyed Seriously, appreciate any distraction. From my “one a week” diary, I’m afraid I was just colouring in.
  • Filling out the 2021 census deepened in meaning thanks to our IWD discussion.