Laura J Padgett

Born in the USA but has lived and worked in Germany since 1981. Her practice encompasses film, video and photography. She has participated in international group exhibitions within Europe and has had solo exhibitions in Poland, Germany and Turkey. She has been artist in residence in various locations, including, in 2001/02 a studio fellowship in London through the Hessian Cultural Foundation. She is currently a lecturer in Art Theory and Photography at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach am Main. Padgett’s photographic work is about her relationship to the world. She uses the camera to find and record things. Her method has developed over the years, the images she creates becoming denser with time. This density is produced through means which are intrinsic to the camera, the medium of photography and in many ways film. Reflections, transparency and shade become tactile; windows become barriers, holding the viewer off while creating another visual layer; these layers mesh into complex images that tell stories. Sometimes Padgett adds short phrases or sentences to augment the stories that the photographs tell. Her work makes things visible that are often overlooked. It has nothing to do with tricks, yet everything to do with perception.