2006 London Biennale



Vielheit in der Einheit

DS Allen (photography) Joanna Jones (Painting) Pia Linz (Drawing) Lily Markiewicz (Video) Laura Padgett (Photography)

7 – 11 June 2006   Das Haus  68 Lyal Road, Bow, London E3 5QQ

This exhibition is featured in the London Biennale.

Heaven provides a unique glimpse into the work of 5 artists who have a relationship with a house in Bow which is provided by the Hessische Kulturstiftung for a one-year artist’s residency scholarship in London. On this occasion, these five artists are gathered together in a moment of radical and poetic transformation, which both emphasises and contrasts their positions towards making art and the notion of residing/dwelling. Working across different media, each of them proposes a different strategy and aesthetic proposition. This exhibition invites the audience to share their discoveries and contemplations on the nature of transition and to question whether the relationships that are made between both them and this particular location meet or collide.

Laura Padgett is photographer, filmmaker, lecturer, writer and former recipient of the Hessische Kulturstiftung’s year long residency scholarship in Lyal Road. Her work relates the embodied experience of visual and literary history, while regarding the ordinary.

Lily Markiewicz came from the German state of Hessen to London, where she now lives and works. Her video and photoworks explore contradictory psychological states, often through the metaphor of travel, and in relation to aspects of memory and desire. She is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Centre CATH at the University of Leeds.

Pia Linz is the current recipient of the Hessische Kulturstiftung’s year-long residency scholarship in London. She made
observations of her living and working space in Lyal Road and synchronised them in a large-scale pencil drawing, in which the terraced house mutates to a free floating entity linked only to a footstep measuring scale.

Joanna Jones is a British artist who lived and worked in the German state of Hessen for 15 years. Her experiential way of working results in paintings that lead the viewer, through layers of colour, into the worlds she has created. She is showing her egg tempera painting Daring to Breathe .

DS Allen is a photographer working in London and Berlin. The works in this exhibition are from the ongoing Berlin-Linieserie which investigate how disparate ordinary parts of the city can be framed into new worlds.