First research walk of the The CHALKUP21 Trail from Capel to Dover


It’s real ! CHALKUP21 is a walking trail and Charles Holland who is designing the trail plaques for the individual trail buildings and writing the contextual text for the trail, Fazer Doyle who will be developing a Trail souvenir, Louisa love who will be writing on walking as an art form and leading 2 walks, Alice Bryant the CHALKUP21 PR person and Joanna Jones walked approx 9 miles on May 11th 2017 between The Wing at Capel Le Ferne and the START/FINISH North Downs Way end of trail marker on the Dover Esplanade.

“In many ways the landscape between is as important as the buildings….”

“The weather was perfect for our adventure. The coastal landscape along the Strait is populated with constructions to do with various defence strategies over the years;  we saw a slow worm and an adder, we passed through a swarm of flies, had a delicious lunch at the Spindrift Cafe at Samphire Hoe and ended up breaking away from the North Downs Way and taking the footbridge constructed in 2016 by South Eastern over the railway and new sea wall defences to walk along Shakespeare beach back into Dover.”

“It was fantastic to walk part of the trail and see areas of Dover that I have never encountered before. The path is constantly intriguing, with landmarks, buildings and art installations that all have stories to tell”

“Loved the whole route but especially interesting to walk back via Shakespeare beach and take in the new railway bridge.”

” I’ve walked through many trails and other routes back and forth through Dover but in all the years I’ve lived here I have never  been through the north downs route before, it is one I will be revisiting again and again from now on. It had some incredible views and would make any family day out an adventure. Nature, unusual finds, history and the beauty of the coast all combined into one, I urge people to try it for themselves.”