Gateway to the White Cliffs: Elaine Tribley


DAD is pleased to announce that Elaine Tribley has been selected as the artist who has been contracted to create sculptural work to mark the entrance to the path up to the White Cliffs. Elaine was selected through a rigorous process involving the commissioners, the Up on the Downs Landscape Partnership Scheme, and an independent jury, which included local stakeholders and creative professionals.

“The Gateway to the Cliffs is an exciting project to create a fitting marker for the start of the footpath to the iconic White Cliffs from Dover town. Elaine [Tribley] has a proven track record in public art and in involving local communities in the creation of her work. Over the next few months there will be lots of opportunities for local people to get involved and help inform the gateway sculpture.” (Richard Haynes, Scheme Manager, Up on the Downs Landscape Partnership Scheme)

“I’m thrilled to bits to be offered the Gateway to the White Cliffs commission and look forward to working with the people and landscapes of Dover. Like many people I feel a connection with the White Cliffs from childhood holidays watching out for ‘home’ from the ferry to the dulcet tones of the forces sweetheart. I’m also a cyclist and a runner so the pathways and routes across the downs are of great interest to me with stunning views of the contrasting urban environment in the docks below.” (Elaine Tribley)

The artwork will form a series of cylindrical installations marking the beginning, mid way and end of the path from Atholl Terrace to the White Cliffs. Reflective in shape of the lighthouses and ships funnels within the heritage of the port itself, each artwork will address a different element of the landscape or wildlife and show a sliding scale of the journey from urban to rural.

We are  looking forward to seeing Elaine develop this commission and are excited at this addition to Dover’s coastal culture trail.