Lisa Derand

Lisa Derand (b. 1997, Reunion Island) grew up in the Seychelles and lived in Paris, Hong Kong and Valencia and now the United Kingdom, which developed her interest in people and human relationships. She was educated at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong where she first studied art before going to The University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom, where she graduated with a first grade BA Fine Art in 2018.

Wishing to work as an artist and to engage with humanitarian and environmental NGOs, she will be continuing her studies on an MA Media,Communication and Critical Practice at London College of Communication next Fall 2018.

Her work, comprising of video installations and photographies, is characterised by its political and social agenda and its engagement with marginalised communities. Depicting the subjects with empathy and humanity, her practice intends to overcome social barriers by eliciting a sense of intimacy between the viewer and the subjects. It often relies on the subjects’ participation as it invites them to perform a particular task for the camera or is drawn from their confessions. Concerned by the real world, where it emerges, is created and is at times displayed, her work blurs the boundaries between documentary and fine art. Its deceptive simplicity, notably in her video installations, brings a poignant authenticity and allows to preserve a certain truthfulness to reality.