Ways to Rio: Making Mondays 10x better


… it made my Monday 10x better: So said one of the students after the first workshop in our Ways to Rio project.

Costume making for the Ways to Rio Sharing and Showcase day began with workshops led by Maria Demichele and Emily Tull, supported by Nozomi Watanabe and Victoria Pasquino, delivered at the two lead schools during February 2016. Pupils at St Mary’s CofE primary and Astor College for the Arts all enjoyed the workshops and will be finishing their costumes made from upcycled materials between now and July.

The first two Carnival workshops have been more than just a learning activity. The students worked hard and helped each other, which turned the workshop into a fun, synergistic and inspiring time. Look forward to see them in their final costumes. (Maria Demichele)

The practitioners offered lots of ideas and the children worked hard to achieve, I now have boxes of hats and wigs to store! (Alison Trelfer, teacher)

I was involved in helping students at Astor College for the Arts create their own ambitious carnival style costumes.  Themed around nations participating in the Olympics, each student was supported in extending ideas for costumes in a big and fabulous way! Big, bright and fun are the key ingredients to embrace a carnival feel.  The workshops will culminate in a carnival procession, Rio style, around the campus in July, in celebration of this year’s Olympics. It was great to see students so fully engaged in the workshop , and even better to see the progression from initial drawings into larger scale creations…I can’t wait to see them in full regalia! (Victoria Pasquino)

Student Quotes:

  • When can we do this again it was fantastic. (Shakira)
  • It was great working with Maria. I didn’t realise how many great things you can make out if junk. (Bailey)
  • I enjoyed working with different kids I would not normally work with. (Kevin)
  • At first I found it difficult to make my paper hair and staple it together but with Mrs Jones’s help we worked together and I have a fab wig for carnival. (Ethan)
  • I enjoyed it immensely and it made my Monday 10x better. (Connor)
  • I really enjoy the arts awards here. We do lots of cool things. (Rozafa)
  • I think it was fun and I learnt something new. (Charlie)
  • The workshops so far have been very interesting and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. (Sasha)
  • I think that workshops are funny and interesting to do. I enjoy them. (Markus)