Matthias Koch – getting ready for the INSPIRATION=DOVER Exhibition on MAY 20th


A photographers art is his choice. The choice of the theme and subject matter; the style of photography; and on location: the object, the exact standpoint, the direction; the angle, and the right circumstances and moments of this situation, meaning in traffic, season and light.
In my work, I appreciate and concentrate on the view from above on historically important sites. For this purpose I use high resolution cameras on the ladder of my fire truck and on my flying drone.

Therefore, I decided to face this sad and difficult theme of World War One in Dover for the exhibition title, by taking aerial pictures of views and sites in Dover, which were important in WW I. Of course, Dover seems to look different these days, but in total the structure of the city hasn’t changed much since 100 years. In the other direction of time, big changes in the city are expected to happen in the next few years, particularly around the Burlington House area as well as the harbour with the nice marina and the Prince of Wales Pier.

Currently, I am in the last step of my working process – namely the choice or selection of the images to exhibit. I have to decide which ones out of the 60 areal shots taken, I should show. This is difficult, because I like most of them and the memory of the moment of photographing makes my choice subjective. After that exciting decision, my work is only pure craftmanship / handcraft: preparing the images for printing and for the exhibition.

In the end I am also very keen on seeing the other artists’ final outcome.
Matthias Koch Bremen April 2016