FRESHART Exhibition at DBL ART 31 Gallery


The FRESHART project ended on a high, with an exhibition opening on 6 October 2017 in the ART31 Gallery run by Christian Venkatasamy and Sam Capell in the Dover Big Local Hub.

The exhibition featured work by the FRESHART group – Beth Garner, Chevonne Lane, Christian Venkatasamy, Freddy Woodward, Harry Arnold-Baldwin, Marlon Pendlebury, Nicola Dunsbee, Ruchia Bundy, Ellie Holliday – made over the project’s 40 hours of workshop time in the  studio at Astley Avenue during the summer. The 4-meter long collaborative work on brown paper, beautifully backed by Clare Smith with thin Chinese mulberry paper, is truly stunning.  In addition, the clay sculptures by Marlon Pendlebury and Harry Arnold-Baldwin were on show as well as single works by Christian Venkatasamy, Chevonne Lane and Ruchia Bundy.

Nicola Dunsbee and Chevonne Lane read their own poems, and organised a collaborative poetry performance with visitors at the opening.

Nicola Dunsbee made a project Zine for the exhibition with a text in the form of an invitation on the power of the Collective, it is readable and downloadable here: freshart

We were so delighted with the evening and very pleased that so many including Fiona Tapley from Porchlight were able to attend: Many thanks for inviting me to the FRESHART opening it was a pleasure to be thereIt was interesting speaking to the young people about their experience of working on a collaborated piece of art and how this project had given them a safe space to develop both artistically and personally.  All of them spoke about not just the creative side of the project but also about how It had helped them develop friendships and increase their self confidence. The poetry written by the young people and read at the event was very powerful and gave a real insight into issues and life experiences that young people face in todays world. 

A lot of young talent. Well done for giving them a platform, DAD 

joanna and clare – thank you for making freshart happen. i’ve gained great friends and great experiences

Thank you guys for such a kickass time! It was so fun and a great laugh too! Some amazing work and it was nice to perform some of my poetry as well as listen to Nicola’s

Nicola and Chevonne your poetry blew us all away – wonderful. Nicola your exhibition zine is a lovely legacy and  Christian your frieze painted on wood  collected many admirers.

Second the performances from the two ladies – you kicked ass 🙌🏻 and also second to Christian’s piece on the wooden board. It was amazing!

 Was a wonderful evening, Dover has so many talented people and I feel privileged to have been been able to support this amazing project. 

I am compelled to offer praise and congratulations to everyone involved with the FRESHART Exhibition. Having attended numerous events throughout the year this event stood out as being both wonderful and inspiring in its participants and organisers. Young people provided with opportunities to thrive and demonstrate their talent and passion. This evening in particular was notable for the impact and power of its performers. I have rarely been so affected by such an event and Clare Smith and Joanna Jones deserve inordinate thanks and credit for their vitality and devoted commitment to such worthwhile and genuine ideas.
(David Alderman)