FRESHART VIDEO of poetry being read at the projects final event October 2017


FRESHART brought together young people aged 16-25 in a 12 week programme of creative workshops leading to a public exhibition.

FRESHART aimed to improve the mental wellbeing of the young people involved by inspiring in them initiative and bravery as they were given permission and supported by the group to be creative together.

FRESHART helped the young people build ‘resilience’, which according to the definition used by Boingboing is “the ability to do well despite stressful life challenges, and to achieve good outcomes against the odds.” 

FRESHART was co-led by Joanna Jones and Clare Smith (DAD) together with 3 young people, Ruchia Bundy, Harry Arnold Baldwin, and Chevonne Lane, all of whom have personal experience of the wellbeing benefits of expressing their thoughts and feelings through art.

FRESHART worked across the following art forms: music, song writing, poetry, dance and visual arts

FRESHART took place in Dover with drop-in workshop sessions of 1 – 2 hours, working up to longer creative days and a public exhibition.

Drop in workshops Saturday April 29th. May 13th , May 20th 1.30 – 3.30pm, Friday June 2nd and Saturday June 3rd, 12 – 6pm & June 10th, June 11th, June 17th, June 18th 2-5 pm

FRESHART covered the South Kent Coast (Dover, Deal and Shepway) CCG areas.

FRESHART Exhibition of works made during the project opened on October 6th 2017 at the Art31 Gallery in the Charlton Centre in Dover. Christian Venkatasamy did the graphics  and Nicola Dunsbee put together an project zine for the exhibition, that includes a piece of her writing on The power of the collective , that is viewable and downloadable here: freshart

This is a Live Well project with funding from the Innovation Fund managed by Porchlight. Live Well Kent is an integrated service that helps Kent residents to improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing, giving them the support, information and skills they need to build a healthy, independent life.


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FRESHART Exhibition at DBL ART 31 Gallery

The FRESHART project ended on a high, with an exhibition opening on 6 October 2017 in the ART31 Gallery run by Christian Venkatasamy and Sam Capell in the Dover Big [...]

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Final FRESHART workshops

A large collaborative painting has emerged from the 40 Hours of FRESHART workshop time since April 29th. It has grown over the weeks through concentrated work by the participants, mostly working in small groups. What [...]

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A weekend of concentration

Over the weekend of 11 and 12 June, the young FRESHART artists worked in an atmosphere of high concentration and focus on the growing collaborative artwork. On the Sunday, they also [...]

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The FRESHART work continues to grow

The FRESHART work continues to grow in two very concentrated  6 hour sessions on June 2nd and 3rd 2017. Some comments : I really enjoy these sessions I really think these [...]