Ruchia Bundy

A hopelessly cliché and romantic relationship with words, and their promiscuous fluidity, took Ruchia before even reaching double figures: at the age of seven, she began her first lyric book. As she grew, songs without melodies evolved into poems without inhibitions: Ruchia’s accidental and innate ethos is to write, and never write to be good, to be judged or to be known; her writing is a way of breathing, an intuitive form of living. Her bohemian inspired life style is a prodigy of her childhood, having been raised by a musician and yoga teacher, and constantly surrounded by characters of the arts. Starting this year, Ruchia and her best friend have merged talents of words and song to create music weekly. She also studies Art at Simon Langton Boys school in Canterbury, as well as English and Philosophy. Ruchia has had a few published poems in her childhood, has incorporated them into a DAD’s well-being project a few years back, and has recently had a poem featured in ‘A Town on the Edge’ film, made for Dover.