Final FRESHART workshops


A large collaborative painting has emerged from the 40 Hours of FRESHART workshop time since April 29th. It has grown over the weeks through concentrated work by the participants, mostly working in small groups. What started as individual offerings on different parts of the 4 metre long paper has become a single work mirroring the participants’ increasing trust in each other, as they have respected and entwined each other’s work together.

Poetry has also been written and some clay sculptures formed.

An exhibition is planned for September at the ART31 Gallery in the Charlton Shopping Centre.

The exhibition will open on Friday September 1st with a live performance.

“How have you found FRESHART?”

I have nothing to compare it to, it is 100% different to school as it is spontaneous creation and we have been allowed to choose what we do.

It has built confidence and been wonderful to be amongst like minded people.

Its great to know others are out there.

One needs other creative people, its difficult to keep creative on one’s own.

It’s very private making art work

I was nervous putting something on paper and was very sensitive to others work, but trust grew within the group through the workshops