St Margarets

The St Margaret’s Museum, created in memory of Fred Cleary CBE, houses a programme of changing displays on environmental themes, World War Two and local history of the surrounding area and population, including Ian Fleming and Noel Coward. Its collection includes wartime postcards, photos and records of locally found medals and the WW1 amputees’ embroideries. St Margaret’s Museum is run alongside The Pines Garden and The Pines Garden Tea Room by The Bay Trust. Opening times: 10.00 – 16.30 daily.  Further information can be found at:

The St Margarets History Society owns and cares for the archives of St Margarets, a village a few miles outside of Dover. The archive contains approximately 12,000 items collected primarily over the last 30 years by the society’s Honorary Archivist Ruth Nicol and her son Keith. It currently consists of around 40 different collections, with themes ranging from Village Bakers and Henry Royce’s development of the first Rolls-Royce aero engine, through to the Coastguard & Smuggling and the White Cliffs’ historic South Foreland Lighthouses. Through grants and donations, the St Margarets History Society’s volunteers set up a project in 2011 to digitise and create an online catalogue of the collection, in order to make it more widely available to the public. The online archive and further information can be found at:


workshop products

The artist working with St Margarets is Nicole Mollett. To follow her project please click the blue-green bars.


Entering into dangerous territory (and starting to draw).

Since January I have been working my final artwork. This will be a folded map-style drawing using photographs of images taken during WW1 in St Margaret’s and the surrounding area. It took me a [...]

A meeting in St Margarets

This is a drawing i showed Christine the curator to explain my proposal. Here you see a record of Mr Harry Friend, the man who sent home his family so many beautiful postcards. Here [...]

Shapes and surfaces

The sign outside the museum with the blue anchor and afro trees. A ‘Deadman’s Penny’ awarded to Hull-born Harry Johnson Mc Carthy, found buried nearby with other medals in St Margarets Bay. The facade [...]

Beaney WW1 Postcards

Further research into the embroidered postcards lead me to the Beaney in Canterbury, which has quite an extensive collection.

Thinking progress

After an early start on the St. Margaret’s Bay joined up project, my progress has hit a bit of a lull. I ran a slide painting workshop at the annual ‘Home front’ event in [...]

June 1904, St Margarets at Cliffe

I found this magic lantern slide yesterday inside the Fleur De Lis Museum collection which has been clearly marked with the year 1904. It is interesting to see the view from the sea of [...]

Rembrance Sunday thoughts

Today I visited the Beckenham war memorial remembrance Sunday gathering. The was a reading of several moving tributes to local service men, local families, scout groups, sea cadets and other military personal stood in [...]