East Kent Railway

East Kent Railway (EKR) is a short heritage railway located at Shepherdswell train station, operated entirely by volunteers and once part of a large network of coal mines. It was constructed by entrepreneur Col. Stephens and between 1911 and 1917 was used to serve local coal mines and transport munitions during the war. Visitors are today able to ride on restored heritage trains between the Dover villages of Shepherdswell and Eythorne. The EKR visitor centre is located in the original signal box on the Shepherdswell station platform, featuring the original station controls, a model of the railway’s last mainline station, and information boards detailing the history of the railway from its formation in 1911 to its closure in 1948. There is also a working miniature railway. Its current collection of WW1 objects includes a Royal Navy torpedo wagon and a powder magazine transporter, as well as barbed wire, cap badges and army records of goods transported in and out of Kent via the railway.

Further information can be found at:http://www.eastkentrailway.co.uk/

Opening times: most Sundays except during winter months (limited service) – check website for timetable and special events.

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The artist working with East Kent Railway is Gabor Stark. To read about his project please click on the green/brown – blue bars.

24 – Sentinels

On Wednesday 11th of May the first three members of the Friendly Army were positioned in the landscape. Prior to my arrival at East Kent Railway, Mark Hopewell and his team had already prepared [...]

23 – Reconstructing Organ

In yesterday’s session at East Kent Railway Mark, Francis, Gareth, Vincent and I completed the work on the last of the six sculptures. After an unsuccessful attempt at welding Organ in order to give [...]

23 – Sites & Stations

During today’s workshop Mark Hopewell and I revisited the potential locations for the Friendly Army. We’ll confirm the exact sites with the East Kent Railway managers in a meeting in two weeks time. I made a [...]

22 – Winter light

After a nearly three month-long hibernation period we had our tenth making workshop at Shepherdswell today. Mark Hopewell and other East Kent Railway volunteers had already done the hard work by moving the six (heavy!) [...]

21 – The Friendly Army goes Cyprus

I was invited to exhibit photographs of The Friendly Army at the Cyprus College of Art in Lempa, Paphos. Should you happen to be in that part of the Mediterranean over Christmas or New [...]

20 – Black is not a colour

In our ninth making workshop Mark Hopewell and I revisited two of the sculptures we had built earlier this year: Dragoon and Cross. The top structures of all six sculptures are now properly connected to their bodies; and Dragoon even [...]

19 – The Last Moonlight Raid

“The last moonlight raid on England took place Whit-Sunday night, 19th – 20th May 1918. Gunfire at Dover opened at 10.50 p.m., and continued vigorously until 11.15 p.m. A quarter of an hour later [...]

18 – Receiver & Pegasus

Today’s workshop saw the near completion of the fifth member of the Friendly Army. The structure is entitled Receiver and refers to the WW1 sound locators that preceded radar technology to detect enemy aircraft. [...]

17 – mounting

Another sunny Wednesday, another making workshop, another mounted member of The Friendly Army. Last week’s hard work paid-off today, when we finished the top of the Organ sculpture and mounted it on its six-legged [...]

16 – Organ

Mark Hopewell and I (nearly) completed the top structure of the Organ sculpture yesterday. Constructed out of old track signage, steel pipes, and various nuts and bolts, Organ refers to the two 12″ Rail [...]