PWRR Queen's Museum

The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment & Queen’s Regiment Museum is located in Dover Castle. Its collections and exhibits trace the regiment’s distinguished history from 1572 right through to the present day, with interactive sound and visual displays including photographs, paintings, weapons, badges, medals, uniforms, regimental regalia, interactive videos and recordings.The museum is part of the Army Museums Ogilby Trust, a registered charity founded in 1954.

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Opening times:

  • April – September: 10.00 – 18.00 daily
  • October: 10.00 – 17.00 daily
  • November – April: 10.00 – 16.00 weekends only

The drawing and stitching workshops being delivered as part of the project took place at the museum on 12 November 2014

hats at regiment museum - Version 2

The artist working at PWRRQR is Simon Martin in collaboration with John Dargen.

Green light for films

Simon Martin and John Dargan met with Alan Lee before Christmas 2015 to review the work that has been made in response to the museum. Alan seemed very happy with the outcomes and discussed [...]

The Legacy of Tull and Nevill: Shoot Day

On Saturday 3rd I went about recreating the image of Billie Nevill and Walter Tull. I had scoured the internet for a long time and had struggled to find models that resembled Billie and [...]

Filming in the Drop Redoubt

On Saturday 3rd October, I shot a short film with Actor and Living Historian Dan Elliot. Based on research on Major General Ivor Maxse and through discussion with Dan, we collaborated on a dramatisation of Maxse’s [...]

The Legend of Tull and Nevill

I recently made a visit to the queens museum to have a chat with Alan who works to archive the files and donated possessions possessed by the  museum. In our previous visits Alan mentioned two soldiers stories [...]

Soldiers Possessions

  At the beginning of the month myself and John made a visit to the PWRR Queens Museum at Dover Castle, we were both fascinated by the personal possessions and photos that had been [...]

Engaging with the Archive at PWRRQM

Simon Martin and John Dargan made a visit to the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and Queens Museum on friday 10th April. Our plan was to photograph some of the artefacts and discuss ideas. [...]

Working with the PWRR Queen’s Museum

John Dargan and Simon Martin are the artists offered the opportunity of working with the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment Queen’s Museum situated in Dover Castle. The museum has an incredible archive of material associated [...]