Dover Transport Museum

Dover Transport Museum houses a collection of vintage transport and transport models of all types, aiming to help preserve the transport heritage of Dover and further afield. Its main attractions include a large range of historic road vehicles (from bicycles to buses), maritime history displays, model railways and railway memorabilia, model cars and ships, and a Romany life display. Amongst these can be found a WW1 Sunbeam bicycle, a Pierce-Arrow lorry (used by the British army for transporting supplies and ammunition), and a replica of a Bleriot II celebrating the first flight made across the English Channel. The museum’s two large exhibition halls provide glimpses of the past with recreations of old Dover street scenes, including bygone shops and a 1930s garage. Dover Transport Museum is a charitable trust run entirely by voluntary members of the Dover Transport Museum Society and forms its collection via item loans and donations.

Further information can be found  Opening times: End of March – end of October: Weds, Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays 10.30 – 17.00 November – last weekend of March: Sundays only 10.30 – 15.00


The artist working with Dover Transport Museum is Áine Belton. To follow her project please click on the turquoise – yellow coloured bars.

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