Anthony Heywood

Anthony Heywood was born in Hartlepool, north east England, and raised in Newcastle, Sunderland and his native town in the fifties and sixties. He was educated at the University of Northumbria and University Christchurch Canterbury, following this up with postgraduate study on Brancusi. He was taught by Jacob Eptstein pupil Fenwick Lawson as well as David Nash. He himself has taught at the RCA sculpture schools as well as Cyprus College of Art. He is currently Head of Sculpture at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury.

Heywood’s approach to making sculptures draws upon art history as well as contemporary cultural and political events. He often works with found, mass produced objects, such as television sets, ornaments, used and the useless, subverting their functions to play with conventional systems of classification and notions of so-called high and low art to provide fresh perspectives on the things that constitute the world around us.