Success: The Table is Turned

London 2012 Open Weekend 2011

It was not without trepidation the team involved in making the Table turned up at the OSO building. They were joined by Andrew Hewitt and a 3-ton telehandler to completely turn the Table round, since it had been upside down.  The first job was to pull the two halves of the top apart; having done that, the next challenge was to move each half out into the yard and turn them. Then the base needed turning before  all the pieces were reassembled.

Chris Walker and Ashley Knight were on hand to help with keeping the workshop clear; Marta and Sebastian took more footage; and from yesterday evening, Stuart Lee from LSBC had already sectioned off part of the yard so that there was plenty of space to work in. By lunchtime there was a general feeling of relief that at least 4 tons of timber had been safely handled …

The whole process was hugely exciting.