Anthony Heywood

What Next?


The Crater series

my curiosity around craters started at school when we would point the telescope at a waxing or waning moon, and I was always in wonder at the description of a crater which was caused by an impact and the object causing the hole in the surface had vapourised.

I have brought together a series of carvings and positioned them close to a manufactured hole in the ground. It poses the question as to who made the hole and why is the meteorite appearing to fly close by, a highly improbable situation but one I wanted to create.

NASA images always function with sharp shadows and it is intriguing that the sculptures work effectively with the shadow at certain times of the day. The carved orbs have been juxtaposed in a diptych which reinforces the collage effect of satellite images – this brings your own imaginings as to what does this mean and how is there a crater which has an adjacent meteorite, a curious situation.