Land & Sea: watercolour book

Chalk Up

LAND & SEA Watercolour Book donated to the Royal Cinq Ports Yacht Club

Emma Cooke, Heather Howarth, Ann Doherty, Ruth Mitcheson, Helen Hofmann, Dinah Hook, Jon Hogbin, Liz Pallister, Victoria Pasquino, Cathy Trinder, Deborah Colam, Lyn Bebbington, Richard Kemball-Cook, Caspar Krabo, Sharon Zelenczuk, Moira Eddy, Chris Burke, Fleur Whitfield, Helen Lindon, Clare Smith and Joanna Jones, all participants in the Land & Sea watercolour workshop on Sunday April 12th 2015, donated one or two works made during the day for inclusion in a Land & Sea project commemorative book. The book, which includes the poems that were read at the opening of the Land & Sea exhibition, has been left with the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club in the Lord Nelson Suite for the duration of the exhibition..

Photos: Fleur Whitfiled