Land & Sea Watercolour workshop

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Watercolour Workshop Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club April 12th 2015

“With so much diverse talent, abilities and approaches in the room we would like to call on this pool of knowledge to energise and inspire the workshop. We won’t do this in a formal way but by doing what we are doing and interacting if and when appropriate with others. Clare Smith, myself and Helen Lindon are  happy to help anyone at any time if something specific comes up.” (Joanna Jones)

Many thanks to you for the wonderful art workshops today. It was super seeing so many enjoying the art and the way the art exhibition room was turned into an active studio. (Helen Hoffman, RCPYC)

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you both over the last few days. (Helen Lindon)

Had a wonderful watercolour workshop today at the Yacht Club…thank you DAD. (Victoria Pasquino)

The work produced was beautiful, so sorry things conspired that I couldn’t join in but very glad to have seen both the exhibition and the work made by everyone who took part! (Anita Luckett)

A truly inspiring day ……so wonderful to have access to the yacht club …..stunning views and such a lovely atmosphere to work in. I’d love to be invited to any future events and would appreciate you contacting me! (Heather Howarth)

I enjoyed the workshop very much – so exciting to be working with water colour and wash again.
The day was a great success – the conversation and exchange of ideas and technique and simply being
engaged in a collective project in that airy and spacious Yacht Club room overlooking the harbour.
I’m enjoying what you have put on the website. Many thanks  (Chris Burke)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a lovely day of inspiration and motivation. It was so enjoyable and truly inspiring to meet up with like minded creative people. I would be very interested in being placed on your mailing list for any future events. (Emma Cooke)

Thank you Fleur Whitfield for the photos!

The workshops were supported by the Up on the Downs Partnership Scheme and Culture Kent.