DFDS Ferries to show Weathertime


DFDS Seaways will be showing the DAD film production Weathertime on their cross channel ferries sailing between Dover and Dunkirk. Weathertime brings together works by 30 selected artists from England, France and Belgium, who created a visual diary of the weather across the ‘maritory’ of the Straits of Dover last September.  Each artist produced a work of art in response to the weather on a particular day in September 2015.  These responses – made in a range of media from painting to print to text – have been woven together to make a fascinating 30-minute film, with a soundtrack from musicians Paul Cheneour, Francois Le Roux and Marjorie Van Halteren mixed by Marcus Bishop.

Placing a work of art on the ferries has been an ambition of Dover Arts Development ever since the company started ten years ago.

DFDS ferries carry an average of around 8,500 passengers on the Dunkirk route every day which totals up to almost a million passengers over the course of the summer months. Many of them will see the film during the journey as they move around the ship.

Weathertime was premiered at Dover’s Silver Screen cinema in April 2016 to rave responses:

“It was a genuinely interesting evening and very inspiring to see the creativity that we have in our home town! As I said on the night, it’s fantastic to see examples of cross-border co-operation and how strong the connections are between the artists who participated in the work.” Michelle Ulyatt, DFDS Seaways

“Weathertime is truly hypnotic. It reminds one of long summer days and the ocean. It treads firmly in the footsteps of Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi and with out any doubt fills its shoes.” (Louis Melville, Film Director)

Weathertime will be available to view in the premium lounge onboard and in other public areas of the ship, including the café lounges.

Image courtesy DFDS