Caroline Fox Betts

The visual arts, literature and crafts have been Caroline’s lifelong passion and undertaking, but she began her early working life in equestrian centres, becoming a riding instructor. Later, she studied business and office management at college, and began working with antique auctions, eventually becoming a marketing and public relations executive. Preferring self employment and wishing for a more creative life, during the 90s, she started her own business as a specialist antique restorer of dolls and teddy bears, running an independent shop. Around the same time, she became an award-winning and published poet, and this led to a desire to study for a degree in literature and creative writing. During  that study at UKC, she won their T.S. Eliot prize. Caroline went on to study for a Masters by portfolio at Glamorgan, writing a novel, but since then began to paint more. In 2017 she held her first solo exhibition and sold 40 of the 60 paintings shown. She held another in 2019 with similar success, with paintings going to the USA and Europe.  Caroline is interested in psychology and philosophy, and holds pantheistic beliefs (all life is equally important). Her most recent projects include sgraffito ‘stream of consciousness ‘ writing  all over the surface of oil on canvas paintings, a linocut illustrated poetry book about the River Dour, and a series of paintings depicting homeless, and street life. Caroline lives in River, with her husband, Roger Betts, a locally renowned blues guitarist, and has two sons and five granddaughters.