Final nonsense poetry workshop

Schools and arts award

Loren Beven and Kati Saqui delivered their final Nautical Threads nonsense poetry workshop to Year 3 pupils at Warden House primary school in Deal on 5 June 2014.

“We had a wonderful morning at Warden House, a great way to end the Nautical Threads workshops!”

The class teacher was really pleased with the work:

‘I’m happy to see everyone so enthusiastic and everyone has a really nonsense poem! I noticed as I was walking around that those who usually do little drawings have done great big ones today. Cody is a very careful drawer and he freed up his drawing today. And everyone can’t stop talking about it can they…’

and feedback from the pupils shows how much they enjoyed learning and the confidence they gained from performing in class.

  • I liked to draw the biggest ghost ship, and felt really pleased when everyone clapped at my work.
  • I learned today that there is not a right or wrong rule with art. I enjoyed reading my poem out and helping to read out other people’s poems.