Drawing workshop at St Mary’s

Schools and arts award

Tania McCormack ran another fantastic workshop at St Mary’s C of E primary in Dover on 7 May 2014. It is obvious everyone enjoyed it and one youngster said it was the best day of his life.

“…another lovely school with a very welcoming atmosphere and great pupils. The class recited the Oak and Yew poem and sang a song at the end of the workshop and i was asked by a few if i was coming back!” (Tania McCormack)

“Workshop today was brilliant.” (Alison Trelfer, class teacher)

Pupil comments:

  • “I enjoyed colouring in, I enjoyed painting on the lining paper and it was magnificent. It looked like one picture painted by one person, but there were four”. (Rowan)
  • “I enjoyed learning about boats – that they can float and they are strong” (Thomas)
  • “It was messy, it was fun”. (Thomas)
  • “It was hard cause there were so many layers and it did look a bit messy, but it was good fun”. (Njambi)
  • “When you put the colours on the plastic they can’t come off”. (Mason)
  • “You can make colours with different colours like red and blue are purple and red and yellow are orange”. (Njambi)
  • “It’s the best day of my life”. (Star)
  • “i can’t believe we made such a mess”. (Joshua)

Photos by Kate Beaugie.