Text, poetry and drawing workshop at Castle Community College

Nautical Threads

Artists Loren Beven and Katryn Saqui of Deal based Underground Pearl worked with year 7 students at Castle Community College exploring the story of the ghost ship Lady Lovibond. Intertwining text and images the students wrote their own magic chants using endangered local fishing vocabulary as prompts to make magical nonsense poems and chants that could be used to call the ghost ship back to life. Three groups of 30 students started their workshops by writing individual chants. After an entertaining ‘show and tell’ session where the students demonstrated their performance skills, they worked in teams on large scrolls of paper to create large pieces. Text was placed not only in different sizes, but also in different directions as well as overlaid in different colours with the use of stencils. Text was played with as pattern and image rather than just a communication code. By defying and challenging written conventions the workshop tied together the nonsensical nature of myth, language and drawing. Pupils were encouraged to work over other’s work, relaxing ownership and challenging possibilities through a collaborative approach.

“The workshops where fantastic. All the kids really enjoyed the sessions with lots of outstanding work.” (Jo Perry, teacher)

Photos by Kate Beaugie