Drawing workshop at Astor College

Nautical Threads

Tania Mccormack held a Nautical Threads drawing workshop at Astor College for the Arts on 25 February 2014.

“Our year 7 students enjoyed a wonderful drawing workshop last Tuesday with Tania McCormack. Students were inspired by the fun drawing and painting exercises, enjoying being challenged to think in new ways to create a personal response.

The artwork produced ranged from pencil drawings in response to a poem written by Corbyn Mathews Crow to large scale paintings inspired by the Bronze Age boat and Dover’s nautical threads.” (Kirsty Elliot, Astor College for the Arts)

Pupil feedback:

  • “I thought her workshop was fun andcreative and she made it realy interesting”
  • The workshop was fun. It was fun drawing boats and painting them.”
  • it was very fnd and there were things I had never done before. It was interesting to do.”
  • I never knew you could do that and it was affective. It was fun.”
  • “We got to do lots of drawing and also we got to do some painting.”
  • “I think it was lovely.”
  • “I loved the workshop. it was fun!”
  • “She was kind and polite.”
  • I loved it where she matched all our work together, and then we had to paint it.”
  • “She was very kind.”
  • “I thought it was very fund especailly the activities involving drawing.”