Nicole Mollett and St Margarets History Society


On 1 May Nicole Molett met with Christine Waterman honory curator at St Margaret’s Museum & vice chair of St Margaret’s History Society and Archive coordinator and DAD to discuss her joined up commission. The St Margaret’s archive has information on the WW1 years, the strategic position of St Margaret’s led to many soldiers spending time in the village and many residents, normally those with more money, moving away in the war years. What the archive has less of is visual material and Nicole’s work will bring something into this space. Nicole was delighted and inspired by the linen backed paper maps that had just been given to Christine for the archive, as was Christine was by the drawings of WW1 faces from the archive that Nicole had brought with her.

 Great session with Nicole today. Love her ideas for us, which I think are really going to go down well with local residents. (Christine Waterman)

The meeting ended with a visit to the large Norman church in St Margaret’s where a WW1 memorial is and everyone feeling very excited about this commission.

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