News from Matthias Koch


Following on from the vicious arson attack on his 1973 Mercedes Fire Engine last August, Mattias has been experimenting with other means of taking his photographs.

In the past months I have researched lots of locations in Dover, UK and Belgium + France; – and am now in the final technical preparation phase for starting my first trip to the WW1-sites.

This trip will be mainly dedicated to location assessment and I am hoping to harvest some good photographs as well. It will also be the first trial phase for my new photo-drone.

May 2nd  Today I got the drone photographing in that way I want it to do !
(It has been many days of trying and guessing in the electronics
and programs.)
So tomorrow is the day for packing the car.
I will start at Bruxelles, Belgium, – and than travel south to Compiegne
(near Paris) and than eastwards to Verdun. 60 Objects are on my list,
but many of them cemeterys. So the balance I have to find is: which
subject do I photograph immediately ? Or would it be cleverer first to
have a look on all subjects and then decide later, at home, which one
(for example which cemetery) is the most impressive one; – and then
return there for the real photograph ?

The subjects at the northern coast, Zeebrugge and Dunkerque, I will
visit on my way to Dover + UK at the end of May beginning of June.
…That is my plan until now.