Peter Sheppard Skaerved workshop with students from Astor College for the arts


The A level students, from History, Fine Art and Music, who had travelled to London on Friday evening to the National Portrait Gallery concert presented by Peter Sheppard Skaerved, took part today (Monday 27th April) in a workshop with Peter in Dover Museum, helping him on his journey to his web based Channel Firing work for the  Dover Museum website.

The workshop was about process, about walking, gathering without prejudice and typologies. He talked about drawing and sound and time: stillness, trembling and speed.

He talked of his research through walking for this Channel Firing project, asking the students about who had walked the North Downs way through history? Soldiers was one answer, pilgrims another. He asked where religion and war had met? In the crusades; he then pointed out that the cross on the shields of many WW1 war memorials is the crusader cross, the cross of St George that actually came from Serbia.

Peter was interested in what each student had got from the Friday concert – mesmerising, the music seemed to stop time – many had thought they didn’t like classical music until their live experience on Friday.

‘I found the concert really interesting, and opened my eyes to different styles of music’. (Sophie)

On being asked how Peter could remember so much he answered: “by being a chatterbox, saying things out loud is my way of remembering.”

Learning first hand how these young people take notice, acquire knowledge and negotiate the web will help Peter with the construction of his web based work for Dover Museum.

I found this a really inspiring and educational experience, It made me think a lot about finding new ways to spark interest in life and how we can go about them, thank you very much. I’d hope to do more in the future like this 🙂 I also kind of realised that while Peter was helping kind of was more about us helping Peter, which I found very interesting, I only really realised that after it had all finished.
It was a really eye opening experience, Thank you! (Jeri)

I just wanted to thank you again for enabling me/Astor College to be involved in working with Peter. I think the students were completely bowled over by him and are walking on clouds a little. I think he has made a big impact on them 🙂 I loved this afternoon. Thank you again 🙂  (Petra Mathews Crow, Fine Art teacher, Astor College for the Arts)

Thank you for having us. It was a very interesting day. I learnt a lot, and I’d love to do something like that again 🙂 (Brendon)