Matthias Koch’s Photography Masterclass at the Wing


German Photographer Matthias Koch held a masterclass for 5 artist/photographers at the ‘Wing” at Capel – le – Ferne on June 16th from 10 am to 3.30pm. The Masterclass was followed at 4pm by a presentation of his Dover Photographs to a wider audience.

The masterclass and Presentation are CHALKUP21 events.  A big thank you to our partners the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, for co-hosting the CHALKUP21 photography masterclass and public presentation with Matthias Koch in the marvellous ‘Wing’ building. Our Special thanks go to Major(retired)Jules Gomez, Audrey Gomez and Malcolm Triggs for their help in making the event such a success.
Feedback from the class:
I was highly satisfied with the class.  For one thing, Matthias gave me an interesting idea for a new way to present my project on America   Also, it was interesting to hear his comments on the work of the other participants, there was plenty of opportunity for all the participants to express themselves, and Matthias comments on his philosophy of photography were interesting.  Thanks for organizing this. Paul Dagys
The masterclass was very enjoyable and it worked well with it being a small and informal group.  It was good to meet the other participants and see their work, it was also good to meet Matthias and get to hear about his working process.  It was unfortunate that we ran over time and it was not possible to have further discussion about my work but it was good to have the opportunity to present it and the comments I did receive were positive.  It was also nice to meet Marianne Kapfer again.  Nigel Green

So wonderful to experience the diverse photographic passions of all the photographers presentations. Matthias’ guidance and advice made this such a thought provoking an inspiring day. Mike Tedder