Nigel Green

Nigel Green is based in Pett Level, East Sussex and has worked on three projects organised by DAD; Transmit/Transmettre in 2007/08 and in 2010, the Sea and Walk map of the North Downs Way. In 2017 he took the photographs for CHALKUP21.

Much of Nigel’s work is focused on the ‘utopian’ aspects of modernism and post war architectural reconstruction. In 2008 he completed a practice based PhD at the University for the Creative Arts which looked at the relationship between photography and the representation of modernist architectural space.

He has exhibited and published photographic projects that document genres of modernist architecture in the UK and Europe. Monographs include,Reconstruction, a photographic documentation of the post-war architecture of Picardy in Northern France, published by Diaphane in 2010, and Dungeness, which documents the power station complex at Dungeness in Kent, published by Photoworks in 2003. The book, which accompanied the project, was short listed for the 2004 Arles Festival Book Awards. Photographic commissions include ‘Mind into Matter’ for the De La Warr Pavilion in 2009 and ‘From Eros to the Ritz’ for the Royal Academy in 2012. In 2018, Silverhill Press publishedKatowice, a documentation of the Soviet era architecture of the city.

He also works in the collaborative art practice Photolanguage, which explores experimental approaches to the documentation of architecture, landscape and urban-space. East Sussex Modern, which engaged with the architecture and infrastructural legacy of Sidney Little, the borough engineer for Hastings, was completed and exhibited in 2016.  Also in 2016 Photolanguage were commissioned by Blue Crow Media to photograph the Brutalist architecture of Paris for a new map.  Rewiring Brutalism – Architectural Futures Through Musique Concrète,will be presented at the Barbican in August 2019.