Marcia Teusink

What Next?


Since the lock down began, I’ve been painting daily ‘Quarantine Still-lifes‘ at home. This is a series of oil paintings of the personal protective wear that has suddenly become so central to our lives. These thin barriers are meant to protect us and slow down the impact of the virus. They also impact our breathing and touch, fog up our glasses, make us clumsy, and, at least for me, create a strange dual feeling of isolation and protection. The series includes other objects that have become common covid tropes as well, such as sourdough bread. The paintings focus on these objects as integral characters in this crazy history play we are in.


During lockdown, on 21st May, Marcia also delivered the ‘Drawing from Nature to Print’ online workshop for the Dover Printfest 2020 delivered by DAD in association with Dover Studio Collective, Future Foundry and the Europe-wide Fête de l’estampe. See a record of the day here