Peter Sheppard Skaerved

What Next?


At the moment that the travel ban from the US appeared, I was actually in Middlebury Vermont.  I immediately (upon hearing of the ban) got out camera and violin, and filmed a piece which I posted online. Over the following months, and this activity – record/film/post – has happened every day, I have made over 100 short films, nearly all focusing on works from my repertoire that I have neglected, and putting them in dialogue with films and images from my immediate environment. This imagery ranges from the Thames which (one minute from my front door) through textures, shapes and light in my apartment, to the drawing and painting which is part of my practice. These films go up on YouTube every day, and a varying community of people, here and overseas, follow them.


A daily, or rather, nightly practice has emerged. At midnight, I go to my table, and usually work for about 3 hours on the piece that I am going to record the following morning. At the same time, I think about the imagery that I will draw into the project (yesterday it was a piece by the Nashville based composer Michael Alec Rose, who loves geology, so I used rocks from Mexico, Denmark and Cumbria – the latter collected on a walk with him). When I get up and we have had breakfast, I go to the other room in the apartment, where I have a simple studio set up, record, edit and post.

The channel where the work can be seen is here