Feeling so human

Schools and arts award

Six primary schools* involved in the Ways to Rio project have been enjoying making carnival hats, wigs and masks with Maria Demichele and Nozomi Watanabe from upcycled cardboard and plastic containers.

“I asked the children, ‘Who do you want to be?’ and they said ‘I don’t know”.  So then I told them that in Italy we start making the carnival costumes and puppets in December. ‘You can dream for a whole year about being anyone you like And on Carnival day, you can be that person.’ That was a very demanding question…. When later I asked them who they were, they were almost too creative! Not just a flower but ‘A flower through the window.’ Some of them didn’t want to wear their hats saying ‘I will look silly’, so I said ‘You don’t have to worry about being silly at Carnival.” (Maria Demichele)

“I learnt to show not speak and to let the creative process begin. I showed the children how rice in a plastic bottle could be used to make a noise and then they started using buttons and other things of their own.” (Maria Demichele)

“It was a really good opportunity for me and I learned and felt a lot through this workshop.” (Nozomi Watanabe)

The teachers were delighted to see the level of their pupils’ engagement:

  • It’s great. Really creative & imaginative.
  • The children have learnt to be creative with what they have.

The workshops exemplify Kent’s Six Ways to Wellbeing: Caring for the planet, Learning, Giving (sharing knowledge and skills), Taking notice, Keeping Active, Connecting with new people.

  • I feel like a totally different person
  • Fun
  • I feel really relaxed
  • I enjoyed everything
  • I feel like a pizza; I have a pizza hat
  • Happy
  • Good
  • I feel so human

The first cycle of workshops is now complete and the next cycle will focus on basic Samba moves.

*The schools:

  • Barton Junior School
  • Vale View Community Primary School
  • Selsted CEP School
  • Hornbeam Primary School
  • Priory Fields School
  • St Martins School