DAD Guardians: announcing Richard Bundy


In December 2020, as part of developing DAD’s organisational structure, DAD appointed 8 Guardians: Helen Lindon, Colin Priest, Alice Bryant, Gabor Stark, Charles Holland, Richard Bundy, Simon Bill & Edda Salander-Jones. Their function is summed up in the term ‘guardian’ and the means is through a non-formalised structure where each, as well as helping steer DAD, can continue working on projects with DAD.

We will be profiling the DAD Guardians through January, February & March 2021:

To be a DAD guardian. I am honoured. I see the assiduous passion that Joanna, Clare and more recently Louisa invest in the name of art. They have championed expeditions into the unexplored hearts of so many and their positive influence on Dover town and beyond will always be immeasurable. From the bold into the fretwork of expression I remain deepened and widened by their way.

My initial introduction with DAD took me to St Omer, France for five days to record in a deconsecrated cathedral, as part of an art installation with Joanna Jones and Paul Cheneour. Since then I have had the honour of collaborating with DAD in many projects: Among others ‘DAD4DADS, The Six Ways To Well-Being” , “Dover Systemic Lens” workshop , “The Park Bench Film” and “Watermark” .

Richard Bundy loves to create.

As Musician, Wood Artist and Systemic Practitioner he has travelled the world extensively; enjoying armchair philosophy, fabulous food, and enlightening conversations. ​He envisions the unlikely, seeks the unknown, puts the time in for things that are worthwhile and enjoys being surrounded by those who bring out the best in him.

Richard is Guyanese born, raised in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada now living in the Alkham Valley between Folkestone and Dover in Kent.

He toured the world for over twenty years as a musician and later, Musical Director and has worked with artists such as Allsaints, The Sugababes, Cathy Dennis, Shania Twain, Marlon Roudette, Shakespears Sister, Charlene Soraia, Nathan ‘Flute Box’ Lee and The Artists in Residence Programme at The Royal Festival Hall in London.

Richard composes for television and film and neo-classical, ambient music for streaming platforms through Orchard Music (Sony). Among other works he wrote the film score for ‘The Protagonist’  starring Tilda Swinton screened at The Cannes Film Festival.

Music Production: Richard apprenticed with G2 Music which took him to New York producing at Unique Studios in Time Square and to Johannesburg, South Africa. He has remixed for Lady Ga Ga, Maxi Jazz of Faithless and Caroline Nin among others.

When he is not on tour Richard works therapeutically as a Systemic Practitioner and has recently been recruited by facilitating conflict resolution, corporate mergers and personnel issues.

He holds qualifications in Systemic Facilitation, Trauma and Crisis Management Counselling and UN Global Diplomacy.
In his spare time Richard creates inspired wooden furniture from his local woodland and has sold his work as far afield as Madrid.

Richard keeps a flock of wild Scottish sheep on his farm where he lives with his wife and children.