DAD Guardians: announcing Colin Priest


In December 2020, as part of developing DAD’s organisational structure, DAD appointed 8 Guardians: Helen Lindon, Colin Priest, Alice Bryant, Gabor Stark, Charles Holland, Richard Bundy, Simon Bill & Edda Salander-Jones. Their function is summed up in the term ‘guardian’ and the means is through a non-formalised structure where each, as well as helping steer DAD, can continue working on projects with DAD.

We will be profiling the DAD Guardians through January, February & March 2021:

Since a chance meeting with Joanna and Clare during Whitstable Biennale 2014 where I was exhibiting ‘The Dance of the Neptune Plant’, our conversations have continued to embrace the complexities and challenges around how creativity lives in a place. DAD’s enthusiasm and support during the making of ‘Blackberry Tonic’ as a part of DMAG Codename: Joined up, a WW1 commemoration commission with Deal Town Hall, revealed an invaluable space of creative freedom and belonging. Near and far, being a DAD Guardian is an exciting prospect and I’m delighted to be a part of its future.

Colin Priest is a London-based practitioner and educator.

He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts (Jan ’20) and co-founder of Live Projects Network. Graduating from the Architectural Association in 2003, site-specific works incorporate installation, writing, film, performance and archival material. Assembling found and made artefacts, media and narratives; public encounters gently rub fragments of time, architecture and memory, manifesting as ephemeral conversation, intervention, exhibition, publication and gathering. Projects circle wayfinding, lively location-led research and the continual negotiation of landscapes on a site-by-site basis. Research and collaboration seeks to underscore a sense of place, the cultural value of change and stories shared with our built heritage.

Portrait drawing by Xiao