Arts and culture recognised as key to a sense of place

Chalk Up

Many of the planned major development schemes and projects for Dover and Dover District are now finally becomming visible.

The ambition for our Chalk Up cultural tourism programme sits well with current strategic plans for Dover and with the aims of the forthcoming Dover Coastal Communities bid, Step forward Dover. DAD is a member of the Dover Coastal Communities team and the Public realm working group and we are delighted to learn that arts and culture are in the forefront of people’s minds:

“Coming forward through the progress on the St James’s scheme at the town centre, Dover, along with the wider district, is seeing an unprecedented level of inward investment and development interest which can be illustrated here. I am delighted that ever increasing recognition is being given to the cultural and heritage base across the area and the contribution that this offers to the sense of place and coastal living for incoming investors and employers, businesses and visitors alike.”  Tim Ingleton, Head of Inward Investment, Dover District Council.

“I do see the arts and the work that DAD are doing as the lifeblood of any proposal which we make.”  Bill Fawcus, Chair, Dover Coastal Communities Team.