Working with partners, Espace 36 in Saint-Omer, we are developing a project which explores issues around location, residence, migration and what it means to be a European in the newly defined territory of Europe.

1 UK and 1 French artist will each spend up to 15 days in each region to develop their work. The residencies will be based in Dover and Saint-Omer; the county of Kent and Côte d’Opale will form the project’s areas of research. The artists’ work will be exhibited together: 6 September – 10 October 2009 in the gallery of Espace 36 in Saint-Omer and 24 October – 28 November 2009 in a non-gallery space in Dover. The interpretation/mediation of the artists’ work to the public in Saint-Omer and Dover is an integral part of the project and will be led by the mediation co-ordinator with Espace 36, in liaison with the artists and partners.

The artists selected for the residency are Pierre-Yves Brest and Sharon Haward. They were selected jointly by DAD and Espace 36 with help from Maryz Devick, Director of Atelier 2 for the selection in France, and Jane Won, Assistant Curator at the De La Warr Pavilion, for the selection in the UK.

Pierre-Yves Brest For this project Pierre-Yves Brest is interested in recomposing an imaginary panorama consisting of photographic portraits of men and women residing permanently, temporarily or ephemerally in the two regions. For this project, the artist is researching the desire to see the opposite shore that arises with each visit to the steep Channel Coast.

Sharon Haward is interested in mapping the paths and traces we leave as we move around. She is also keen to highlight how buildings and different locations often bear the influence, impressions (sounds, smells, etc.) and scars of previous inhabitants. For this project the artist intends to work experimentally with a range of media in the search to create something which resonates with the architecture and occupancy of a chosen site.

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Video of Lucy Platel’s performance

Many thanks to Pierre-Yves Brest for posting this video to You Tube of Lucy's performance at the Finissage of Resider/Reside.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KMhCJe84BI

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Resider/Reside on the BBC Big Screen

Here are some images of Pierre-Yves' and Sharon's shown on the BBC Big Screen in Dover's Market Square. The final screening was on 11 December on the occasion of the [...]

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Resider/Reside Finissage

Resider/Reside finished with a performance peice by Lucy Platel, the project 'mediator'. The public's comments on the project, in response to conversations with Lucy, were written onto labels, which were [...]

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Resider/Reside publication

The Resider/Reside publication, designed by Edda Jones with photographs by Pierre-Yves Brest is a beautiful celebration of the project, containing images of the work by both Pierre-Yves Brest and Sharon [...]