Danny Budzak

By day Danny works in an office within a corporate environment. By night he walks, talks and writes. His previous eight lives have included working in the print industry, being a trade union shop steward in east London and taking part in a year long strike.

He was a pioneer of community online projects, web development and user focused interface design. He has published a number of technical articles in relation to password management, taxonomies and metadata.

But enough is enough. He is now writing about housing and the built environment with particular attention to Christopher Alexander’s concept of the ‘quality without a name….’.

He is fascinated by the idea of history being a process involving people, classes, technologies and changes in the means of production. He is as interested in the medieval graffiti in Kent churches as in the container ships and oil and chemical tankers which sail through the channel.

The ninth life is yet to be determined. The historical process continues in a personal and intensely political way. From the past comes the present and the future. But without understanding the past we cannot possibly know where we might be going.