Daniel Dressel

Daniel Dressel’s work deals with issues that revolve around class, identity and migration, often in search of situa-tions and scenarios that have the potential to transcend borders and class differences through the use of different networks and coping strategies – a more positive outlook in a sense of community. This search for new encounters, complicities and alliances describes an attitude which foregrounds a practice that is not defined or limited by a specific medium. It can be seen as a negotiation perhaps, or a spark that interferes with the structure of the world and that in turn allows others to interact with its complexities and its contradictions – an interplay of action, reaction and reflection. Daniel usually works site specific, often in collaboration with others. Thus research and production are often intertwined. He makes use of both hands-on DIY and more technology driven approaches which result in conceptual pieces, video works and complex installations.

In September 2016 Daniel graduated with distinction (MFA Fine Art) from Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Since 2014 he has been the first ‘Artist in Residence’ at Cody Dock in the London Borough of Newham. He has been involved in quite a few projects in London, including ‘Polygon’, his first solo show at Cody Dock, ‘Future Refrains’, an Arts Council funded exhibition by Peer Sessions at ASC Gallery and ‘Music for Masterplanning’; a project by Alberto Duman which resulted in numerous events and a publication: ‘Regeneration Songs: Sounds of investment and Loss From East London (Repeater Books). Furthermore he has shown work across Europe, most notably at Alternativa 2016 (Damage and Loss) in Gdansk, Poland, Art Theorema #1 in Italy (2018) and ‘Unbehaust’ at Kunsthaus Langenthal in Switzerland (2019).